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Outdoor Kid play area with house, sandbox and slide

I used Latvian national holidays and some vacation days to fulfill the promise about this. Now we can spend more interesting time outside the house but not in shopping centers as usually urban families do it in Latvia. This is only … Continue reading

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Rain water drainage repair

Water makes possible to live in this world. Also it makes pavement blocks to move it makes wall to become green it makes in rainy days puddles. To fight with causes I will make drainage system to move all water … Continue reading

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Expanding House II – attic repair

All starts last year with left attic wing Expanding house I. This year was stage II and finally all is done. Some 15 m2 more space and well insulated ceilings for winter cold and summer hot times

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Baby’s wardrobe with self made wooden hangers

I like ordering, grouping and other pedant specific features. Hope my little wildcat will inherit it from me. I have made for him 45 wooden hangers and ordained wardrobe to hang 85% of his clothes not to pound drawers or … Continue reading

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Special christmas gifts – beer and wine

Christmas time is over but ideas is here. This year I was made special bottles for my dark beer (STOUT with  coffee, vanilla and orange) and wine which my wife found in

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Brewing my first beer

Beer is one of my favorite drinks. Ths year is special because I have tried out my self in beer making and I like it. Hope my friends like it to because right now is easy to grab some box … Continue reading

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