Outdoor Kid play area with house, sandbox and slide


I used Latvian national holidays and some vacation days to fulfill the promise about this. Now we can spend more interesting time outside the house but not in shopping centers as usually urban families do it in Latvia. This is only fundamental start of play area and I will add some more actions during the summer. Great investment about 400EUR and 33h of work together with kid. We really enjoy building together. This is setup for kids Name Day celebration with other kids

000My key to do job is great electric tools for cutting, sanding, screwing, painting, milling etc. Also working clothes make sense because the same as tools they allow you to make the project faster and more efficient


This is the result of first day 8h. Leveled the fundaments from 10x10x300 cm planks and created structure


Other type material in structure are 4,5x10x300 cm planks for different joints


Joints are based on metallic galvanized angles


I use a waterproof lining 9 mm thick plywood

2day1After the second day 8h


Slide is 3m long and top holds with screws. Usually I used 60mm screws


Both sides of sandbox are from water proof plywood


Second floor holds like this around 120 cm height


Kids learn very fast and they will feel they belong joint activity. With great pleasure we spend together 6h a day building his play area


I will repeat – kids learn very fast. He is making disinfection with hydrogen peroxide. There was great lesson what is going on when you fetch a saw by hand. Of corse we discussed it afterwords and I made all needed support


An this is 3rd day with 4h of work


Stairs and prepared construction to build cladding


The support after accident don’t make fears from activity but allows to try another time more carefully. There was no accident with that tool afterwards. He was very gentle and avoid to put hands in trouble


4th day with 4h of work


As add-ons there are Outdoor Blackboard for Kids and Wooden outdoor play blocks for kid

4day2I can not imagine this project with out my Kid and wife’s great ideas


5th day is 1h of painting + 6th day 3h for some improvements


This is our family friends great kid pushing the limits of scare – this is not a crying he is strong man, it is satisfaction!


Hope at least somebody get some inspiration to manage time and throw out TV and other gadgets to do great things with family!

“Money makes a man and that’s a crime
If we all were rich, we’d spend more time
With our daughters and sons, they’re losing their mind”

Snoop Lion  –  No guns allowed  Lyrics


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3 Responses to Outdoor Kid play area with house, sandbox and slide

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you for inspiration, I guess I know what I will be doing with my boy several next holidays!

  2. MrKAA says:

    Wish You luck and great collaboration!

  3. ilias koutras says:

    thank you for your inspiration. You help me to remind some valuable things of life.

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