Refurbishing russian sleds with steering wheel



This device is more than 20 years old and it is developed in Russia (in local slang that was – Argomat). Each boy wanted them and was in those 90% who did not get them. Now I will refurbish that one and try to catch winter with kid



Each part was with scratched color



I will get off all old color with paint removal liquid


This is historic wheel and logo



Condition was really bad. Sleds broken, all frame is scratched and even some details are not connected


Boys are boys – even Shaun the sheep likes to drive Argomat



I got my old skies came from 90’s. One of them I broke in Norway driving down from Oppdal resorts steepest slope – Hovden.



It was quite scary flop with huge force to broke Rossignol Pro line 9S skies



My kid will have Pro sleds with Rossignol Vibration Absorbation System



And this is what I do with 500 EUR skies



Great experience to see what is inside the skies



And there is more than 10 secrets to develop high performance skies



Making new joints. Frame is already painted.



Putting sleds together with screws13

Trying to seat the screws the same level as skies  to avoid resistance



Old good friend Dremel will help to deal with plastic splinters



Smooth surface with minimum resistance



And this is the result



Sunday testing time. Result is more than perfect

“Fathers always will try to realize their dreams with kids. Kid is like permission to do things which are out of age”

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2 Responses to Refurbishing russian sleds with steering wheel

  1. Marcis says:

    braucat ciemos uz dzeguskalnu testet! žēl ka nav salocitas slēpes foto- daudziem ekspertiem izbrīnu izraisītu :)!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice work, only screw places under ski looks unacurate and also I suggest paint it back in original paint :)
    Jazeps ;)

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