Knife holds with magnet

This project refresh will my kitchen. I have found that holding knives using magnet is great idea. Total costs 20EUR and 4h of work

This is first sketch drew using iPad and it is different from result

These are materials – bamboo cutting boards (20cm wide) and magnet got from eBay (45cm long)


As I have little usability expert I made knifes from paper to model usability with real knife size


This is how I cut bamboo cutting board


This was used to cut magnet


This is the result before sanding and gluing all together


I like bamboo texture 1

I like bamboo texture 2

Before sanding and gluing I realized that magnets are to deep and I ned solution to bring them in front

I found 3 types of glue for metal, common use and wood

With these I will bring magnet in front of surface

I will use 3 supporting blocks for each magnet

Glue for metal


Glue for wood


Very important is to support gluing process


Leave it for one day and try to clean it from glue that come out


Sand it and make great stand for knifes

“In some cases you can change rules during the game – I changed design”


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