Baby Play House with LED ceilings

When babies become older (+/- 1,5 years) parents should think about play house because they need some private space to play and house is he way what they love! This is made for inside use from wood and fabric. All materials I found and cant evaluate expenses – maybe 10EUR and 3h of work together with little

This is the start. Some materials you can recognize prom safety project

Simply joints

With 4 screws and thats it

Of course – quality control and additional features are provided from my partner

Drilling places to glue in vertical fundaments

Chips are everywhere

Wife helps to make walls and roof. Very quick way is doing this by overlock

This will help to make LED roof from christmas strings

20m with christmas strings – 200 LEDs

Closer photo with construction

This is great in dark (LEDs was my quick “Business” – with no profit:)

Roof is like sky with lot of stars

Space for activities

This is gift from godparents – happy family in new house

Roof from outside

Some more joints

Roof construction – glued and screwed

“Private space is place where you can do your private things”


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