Sparkling Wine from grapes – First time

It is really first time when I am making sparkling wine from grapes and even worse – it is special order from my mother-in-law to use her grapes and make wine for Christmas tasting. Hope I will prove my self. Wish me good luck!

As usual I use common juicer to get juice. Process should be done drinking wine – hoping that it will bring better result

With juicer I cant divide all juice and still in trash can there is lot of wine material

Old method with filtering. Put all trash in filtering sock and add some water

Fill the fermentation balloon, add sugar (2kg) and yeast. Very dark wine material

Two weeks later after heavy fermentation color is more pink than red. Now waiting till december and than filling in champagne bottles and adding some sugar for sparkling effect

“Take risk – next time you will know the essence”


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