Favorite – apple & chokeberry wine



Three big brothers. This is my recipe. Chokeberries give this fantastic acidity and bitterness – even color looks professional. Thanks to my colleges Mrs & Mr FOX I can get apples how much I can place in my car and make miracles. In photo you can see fermentation after 2 weeks

Main ingredients. This year I bought chokeberries (1,5 EUR/kg) and each ballon has 1,5kg of them. Technology is the same as last years with juicer to get juice from apples

Right after filling the balloons. Lot of foam which will come out. This year I will be careful and will not let balloons to explode because of foam clog. I bought new balloons – 25 L each. At the end there should be more than 100 bottles of wine.

Fermentation – Kids this is birth of alcohol

Half of the foam I removed manually other half dissolved in wine material and now all top is full of little bubbles

This is the bottom – hyper active process

Bubbles, bubble, bubbles. Adding 3kg in each balloon I am making heavy fermentation and at the end good alcohol percentage

This is how it looks at 10.10.2012

…and this is 10.11.2012

“Make/Find your trend and stay with it”

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5 Responses to Favorite – apple & chokeberry wine

  1. Marcis says:

    when the tasting begins :)??

  2. Hamza says:

    I will be happy if I can help you

  3. Joe Friessen says:

    How did it turn out?

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