Making quinces wine for the first time

September is month of preparing wines. This time it will be another experiment – quinces wine because this year was good for them and we get more than 20 kg these sour, yellow, hard fruits

Here is more than 5 kg of quinces in vintage basket

Usually size of quinces are around this one. In internet you can find size that remembers pear

For us this is the main reason why we have quinces. We chop them in slices than strew sugar on top and wait 12 hours than you can get tasty syrup and sliced quinces which we dry out and eat in winter

After chopping in slices you get core with little seeds which I throw in squeezer to get juice. I thought that 2 litters of juice will be enaught because it is quite extremely sour and these are particles which stays after all is done.

Recipe is: 2 litters of quinces juice, 10 liters of fresh water, 3 kilograms of sugar, yeast. Gravity was 1090 or 21. Done and wait!

Some inspiration from hoppy Brew Dogs beer called Challenger which has ultimate taste and extraordinary way of exposure

“From sour to sweet takes just 1 year”


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5 Responses to Making quinces wine for the first time

  1. Ben Hardy says:

    Thanks for directing me to your blog. I get to taste the quince wine I made last year in a week or so’s time. I suspect it will be too dry, but I can put extra sugar in it when drinking it. I will put a post on my blog: in probably two weeks.

  2. Ben Hardy says:

    I have now had my first bottle of my Quince wine, and my first impressions are here:

    • Rod Burns says:

      Quince Wine into Sparkling wine: just before bottling from a 5 gal. / 20 l. carboy, pitch in 1 cup of sugar, stir, dissolve! Bottle, with snap down caps (beer bottles)! In the coming weeks, the wine will carbonate into a lovely “Sparkling Quince Wine! I now have 2 carboys in primary mode. Tonight, I’ll start 12 L of juice from 75 kg. quince Yummy in 9 months

      Rod Burns,

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this post and the lovely pictures!

    All the recipes for Quince wine states the quantity in number of quinces. As you’ve said, they vary in size. I have one batch the size of apples and another the size of big plums.

    Any idea how many kilos of quinces to volume of water so that I can adjust the recipe as necessary?



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