Rain water drainage repair

Water makes possible to live in this world. Also it makes pavement blocks to move it makes wall to become green it makes in rainy days puddles. To fight with causes I will make drainage system to move all water from roofs one side straight in to ground not on pavement. It takes 120 EUR and 8h

These are basic components – ACO Gullie and 5m drainage tube with coconut fiber. Excavation already started.

Under gullie I have made concrete base (60kg) and everything is immovable. Do not forget to measure levels of gullie surface for water intake. Drainage tubes is mounted with good portion of silicone and special black tape based on pitch.

It works and all water go straight in to drainage tube to underground. Will see what will happen after 1 year because I am worried about pavement movements because I did not use any rammer when I put pavement blocks back!

“Water really is power – respect it”


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One Response to Rain water drainage repair

  1. Iris says:

    The drain cleaning is a difficult process. The help from an expert is the only solution to this. Thanks for sharing this innovative idea to the users. And keep sharing these kind of informations in the upcoming posts.

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