Expanding House II – attic repair

All starts last year with left attic wing Expanding house I. This year was stage II and finally all is done. Some 15 m2 more space and well insulated ceilings for winter cold and summer hot times

This was the start in before/after story

Everything was full of dust and I found even wasp nests

This is broken hornet nest. Somebody said that nest in winter broke rats and eat it out

My wifes decoration storage was found and eliminate

Cleaned and ready for sanding

2h of sanding attic surfaces

Sanding is done now its time for cross beams and insulation. Now just checking sizes and planing

In last step I recognize that I need smooth out surface and for this issue I am using polystyrene pellets

Lights are on and surface is varnished

All together there are 16 lamps each 14w and that makes fantastic feeling

And stuff. Some boxes are just for christmas, easters, kids parties etc.

This is other attic side from last year. Boxes, boxes, boxes. If you are searching for something this is very helpful if you can see what is in this box without opening it

“Doing things be with the end in mind – it helps to concentrate”


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