Garden site stairs (mini terrace) renovation


Three years later garden site stairs need some renovation. Terrace always is expensive thing because of material used. This time it will be 100 EUR case. Question how long it can live is about how good it is leveled to not keep water on it

This was the situation. One of fundaments is sinking due the rainwater effect and all construction is completely bent. For better user experience their need one more step in left side where now are big garden candles and other mess


This is in process but I have not take last picture of foundations. To fix bent I need to weld new fittings

And this is the result


I have chosen cheapest wood for terrace and because quality is quite poor (lot of branches)

“Refreshment always make new born effect”


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One Response to Garden site stairs (mini terrace) renovation

  1. Mark Gribble says:

    That is a great upgrade. I like the design of the steps down. Good use of the materials.

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