Wooden bunny as easter Egg holder

I have refreshed my Easter morning equipment. It means that I have made new egg holders for my family and friends. It s about 4 hours for 12 bunnies and my wife has crouched these amazing colorful not breakable eggs while little is sleeping – each egg takes 20 minutes. Materials for me takes 4EUR

Take plywood and draw lot of bunnies and don’t waste plywood

I have always told that good infrastructure allow you to make things that you have never done before

Cut out all bunnies. In this process I have brake 3 saws and it costs 2EUR each but no matter because it was 2 hours of cutting

Sand, drill. Hole is 35mm wide and it is ok for medium egs

This is how it should be used of corse in place of this egg in easter morning I will put real one for each family member

It is no fake. This bunny has made all these eggs!

“Attributes show how you feel about actions”


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