Brewing my first beer

Beer is one of my favorite drinks. Ths year is special because I have tried out my self in beer making and I like it. Hope my friends like it to because right now is easy to grab some box with bear and visit couple of them. Right now I’am talking about extract beers not All grain.  This is my first collection – Stout, Lager, IPA and Dark Ale

Empty glases looks bit strange! Better fill them

If we ar talking about money ecconomy – there is chance to talk about it, but this case is more about life style. Do To Learn! Cheapest in my experience is Nr.2 Lager – 0,35 EUR/Bottle. But if you want some aditonal ingredients than it is around 0,70 EUR/Bottle that is cheaper than lets say Guinnes – 2 EUR/Bottle in the shop!

All magic has made Coopers

These are technical data and my Beer No.1 is Stout! In last 2 month I have became Stout (Ale) fan. All of those beers are still to young to make some reviews – wait till 2012 January!

Next year I will try All grin method but for now it is not necessary

“Biggest happiness brings things which you are forced to wait – beer need time”









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