BBQ smoker – adittional module for grill

This will be a smoker module for my existing BBQ grill. Cost of materials ~40EUR and 8h of work. Ideas and princips are taken from this kind of technology. This is just first step and maybe after some years I will make stationary smoker but for beginner playground this is more than good
Material – I bought on 1m x 2m back steel (hot-rolled). Need two peoples to lift or one to roll it like cycle
Thickens is 3mm. I think it will be naught up to 10 years for rust because my BBQ grill material is from the same material
Make stel box. My recommendation is make bottom last because jou can cut any shape of it and hide some mistakes as we know welding is tricky activity
As assistants use this kind of magnets they are perfect to make 90 degree corners
This is not the best smoker design but this kind of functionality let me grill & smoke in one place and at one time
This area can be used for grill while smoker is doing his job
Some measurements – this is hotest corner with 200 C
In the middle 90C
And colder corner 68 C
Th question is what is the food temperature? Answer – food temperature is average from middle un coldest corner temperatures – 75 C. After some weeks I will get thermometer from ebay to make better measurements
Smoke comes from hotest corner and make some circulation inside. This is the result of 4 h smoking
I cant just sit and watch. In smoking process I made wheels and welded them to the grill – extreme job
After first attempt covering plate looks like this. There is some thing to think about
Lets start to dissemble and se what kind of design is there. On these I put food for smoking
This foin catch everything what is falling down. Easy to use – fold it and throw away without washing equipment
This is ceramic plate 50 cm x 30 cm. Catch heat and distribute it – works like heat amortization and plate for waste
This was experiment and both technologies worker. This is the place from where come smoke
Typical fail. Dont wash hot ceramic plates with cold wather:)
It is just a steel BOX
And I am ready for the next time (using plum and alder wood for smoking) and hope I will make some smoked (with marinade) wings for my friends

“Train on simply thing to plan big things”


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