Fixing water tank foundations

This will be simply before/after DIY photo show. Last summer I have made simply construction and after winter I fill water tank with 1000 liters and fundaments started to sink. Also there was one more problem after opening the tap water was all over the ground. Solution – concentrate fundaments and make small terrace

Looks like after the war but everything is in the process

Holes with wooden forms for fundament concentrate. Form inside dimensions 130 cm x 30 cm x 30cm

Keep looking on the levels to get perfect state

This is the way how I can use all unnecessary metal. I welded it to gather and made armature for fundamets

In each form goes in 4 x 40kg concrete mixture – it means that I have put in the ground 320kg. When everything is done it looks better and I hope next summer situation will be the same

I forgot – in the middle there is clean sand for our cat because it is toilet for her!

“Some thing in the life you can do more than once”


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