Creating massive log bench

Before some 10 years there was lightning in the pine tree and half of the tree still was on place. What to do? Cut down to make log bench and other pieces burn in cold winters

Be careful with cutting trees! To get some info I have watched some videos in youtube about tree cutting safety

Make bench shape and grind it

Clean log from the old skin

To guarantee long life for log bench use some antiseptics. I will use eco linseed oil to add some flavor to tree texture

Surface is ready to apply varnish

As log  bench legs I will use other part of the tree. Cut out perfect shape to support seat part and bench is ready

My little friend with 8 legs

My other little friend – mini scorpio

“There is a lot of good things where you can add your value – just keep your to do list updated”


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2 Responses to Creating massive log bench

  1. Mark Gribble says:

    Great plan. simple, yet very good looking for the back yard. I have two log benches about 3m each around the fire pit in our back yard, but didn’t think of splitting the logs to make them more comfortable for sitting. We have some locust trees that have been blown over in the last big wind storm. I will use them to make new benches. The black locust trees grow all over and don’t rot very much. The old-timers used them for fence posts. Great design and nice treatment.

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