Restaurating family dining table and chairs

This is more than 100 years old furniture. To keep my family relics and give them 2nd breath I tried to renovate two chairs and table. This is my first experience to do such emotional job because I know that 100 years before my grand, grand parents worked wary hard to get this set of furniture. Right now you can get that kind os set from IKEA for 50 EUR but that will keep shiny look only for just 3 years

I have shorten the legs to give some kind of “modern” soul and ease movement issues. When I cleaned 5 layers white an one layer varnish I get this texture

I dont kw what kind of wood it is but each leg is different

Take vintage 15min relax, taste some very good beer like Bauskas beer and say thanks to your grand, grands…

And from the to surface has interesting texture

“One of way how to show respect to your family treasures – don’t sell them or throw away”


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