Some technology in garden

This year our garden is getting advanced! There are lot of new things and technologies. I am little bit sick with using technology but this is my DIY playground.

Lets start with the basics. Each garden, greenhouse needs wather – my choice is to use this kind of water tank. There are 1000 liters inside and used tank you can buy for 30 EUR. Put it higher than ground and you will get some pressure in the pipes!

I put some filtering because I am using drip irrigation system and capillary may came crapy. It is not the best looking installation but it works. I hope I will manage to make borehole after some years for watering and change this all installation.

After filter near the greenhouse I have put watering timer. It is mechanic. Working with batteries charging with little solar panel. I have heard that best is with electromagnetic valve but they are two times expensive. This far I have no problems with this maybe because presure in pipes is super low:) Waterring is set from 7-8am and 7-8pm. I am wondering – is it correct?

And this is mistake. For this kind of plants you need pipe with holes not additional dripping points. But no matter. My grandmother has put lot of effort to keep this garden clean and green. Big thanks her!

Some carrots with same mistake. I will correct it next year!

But this is correct way how to water cherry tree. Each dripper has flow control 1 to 8 liters per hour. I use ~ 4 liters per hour but pressure is low and it becomes about 2liters.

And this are pure strawberries without any Dmitri Mendeleev chemical elements! Each strawberry has one dripper.And greenhouse. This is polycarbonate greenhouse with aluminium frame. Somewhere I have read that they are beter because they keps better heet inside but it isn’t!

Also in greenhouse are irrigators for each tomatoe

As people talks greenhouse need good aeration. I have managed this with 4 automatic window openers for roof windows. In cylinder there is some gas which pushes up windows when inside is more than 23 C. My lovely ebay!

Oh yes there are sone more technology! Wireless takes our minds. Guess what it is? It is transmitter in the greenhouse

And 50m from the greenhouse on the window sill I have monitoring panel. Actually it is confusing because my grandparents see humidity in the greenhouse for the first time and dont know how to interpret – it is good or bad condition inside!

“Get more information and do some automatization if it possible to make better things!”


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