Spring? Yes – April is month of juice!

Do you know what is natural Sprite? It is Maple and Birch juices! This photo is Mr.Birch!

How fast it is? Very fast production – 5 drops per second. How much it cost in shop? 2$ per liter:)

This one is Ms.Maple:)

Maple flow is much more slower – 1 drop per 4 seconds, so you can use smaller tanks! This juice is very sweet!

Remember – each drop is filtered through roots and fibers, natural and tasty way how to meet summer! From this juice you can make champagne (non alcoholic)! Take 3 raisins, blackberry twig, 1 spoon sugar and put all in champagne bottle, close and put in fresh place, wait for 3 months and sparkling Birch juice is ready!


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