Simply wooden box for my 50 sqm tent

We had bought tent for the weddings and now we rent it – trying to get extra income. Original cardboard box is very flimsy and I can`t move or give it to clients. Idea was to made simply box  using OSB material for tent metal parts. To make this I spend 15 EUR + 6 working hours.

At the beginning of year 2010 we bought tent and in this summer used for our wedding. We used decorations and Christmas LED strings.

Now I should give this tent to my client. I will try to show how I manage to make reusable box for tents metal parts. Metal parts lenght is 2m! Original cardboard boxes are almost broken and one box total weight is 35kg! I will make box for all this stuff and little bit more (2300x500x200 mm).

I realized that weight will be around 100kg including the box – so construction should be quite strong. I bought two OSB plates (2500x125x10 mm) 10 EUR each

For the basic design I found board and cut it making 3 of 1 (+ 1 is too narrow for using in construction). To cut I used circular saw. One plank size is 200x40x40 mm.

I prepared all parts before (just box cover will be cut out later). Starting with box floor and structure  for the side walls I have screw together prepared materials

After floor is done I can easy screw sidewalls and make additional construction design

This box should be used in wet time and to make it water resistant I used silicon to avoid swelling

Turn it around to draw cover plate (I am not sure of angles and because I just draw the exactly form of my cover)

It is time to add some legs for convenience when putting down or taking up. I used narrow parts of board which I have cut with circular sew

I used only one screw for each leg, but it is enough. Make in each corner

Turn around and be sure that construction is stable

For the cover I have made same legs as for box. I have found that these legs help to put on the cover and every time it will be in the same place

So now I try to put in all the stuff and found that my box is very good and enough space fore every thing even Christmas light box where is 50m of Christmas light strings

All together box is around 90 kg of weight and total length is 232 cm

Original cardboard boxes I can move alone but now I need two men power to handle it

“If you rent something don`t forget  –  durable packaging can save your property”


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