Prepare apple wine and add chokeberry (photo tutorial)

I am tying to restore family tradition – make apple wine. I don`t have any records how my grand grand parents has made it, but I have  willing to do. It is my second year when I will try to make wine.

This year is not apple year. So I have borrowed apples from my college. Before starting wash apples and separate from dirt

Spend some minutes and think about how to arrange your working place to make easy flow process

I will got juice out from the apples using cheap (40 EUR) juice extractor. Because I have small amount with apples I think this way is very convenient. Just start processing

When first bowl is full take next. Important thing is to do nothing with first bowl and allow to foams stand.I have found that very convenient is to work with two bowls. When bowl is full after 10 min you can remove foams and get nice juice

Take another bowl with clear juice and add 1kg sugar be sure that sugar melts. More sugar, more alcohol:)

Fastest way how to get chokeberry juice is to chop with a blender. I had 1L with chokeberry and I will chop them in three portions. Put chokeberry in to blender bowl

Add juice with sugar and just blend it

Next step is to revive the yeast. This bag is for 10-30L. Take warm water (<35C) and melt all yeast. Wait for 20-30min and add it to juice. This I had done in my first day (23.08.2010). It is only apples

This I had done in my second day (24.08.2010). Biggest is apples + chokeberry and another two is only apples

So and all together near the heater without the sunlight

I hope this year I will get good wine – the same as last year…

This funny device is working relics from my grand grand parents. It is to insert chork in the bottles.

“Sometimes willing to do is much more important for product than knowledge about process”


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2 Responses to Prepare apple wine and add chokeberry (photo tutorial)

  1. Jia says:

    thanks for sharing your wine-making experience. Homemade food/juice is always better than those you bought from store :) have a nice day!

  2. Mr says:

    Yes, thats right! Home made thins give you opportunity to do some thing rather than sitting behind the TV:) Deming cycle – do things better and better!

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