Take care of mouthed pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

I have some self seeded pine trees. They are small and it`s time to make choice – cut down or take care and try to learn how to cut pine crown or silhouette. To make this I spend 8 EUR + 2 working hours.

Pines (Pinus Sylvestris) in Latvia are the most common tree species in forests (approximately 40% from the total forests). In my situation pines are out of my territory, but still – I will take care of them and see how they will grow

I try to google how to cut the pine and form crown or silhouette. I found this

First my challenge was to figure out which of pines to cut out and free space for others

Decision I have made was based on how healthy are pines. I have compare those two. On the left was stronger

On the right was weaker. You can tell it looking on the needles and buds

Around the trees I have put mulch, 100L (8 EUR) of heavy cut mulch, hope it will help to rise humidity and avoid grass growing. Before cutting I have made photo to compare. So before it look like this

I have cut top of pine and made some silhouette corrections. So after

Also I have tried to make folded pine using simply screw nut and wire. Each twing I have pull down with weight of screw nut. Look like this

Interesting will be after one year:)

And so… after one year…

If you take out middle branch you can reach result like this – I am surprised:)

This tree is little bit tired but showing some shape. I hope next yer will be it will be stronger after winter!

And all together.

“Don`t avoid extra job – working alone you are making pleasure for others”


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