Projector screen at your garden

This time I will show you how to make your own projector screen to watch your favorite films in garden or whatever. Construction is light, flexible and cheep. Projection screen is 2,7 hight and 1,5 m width. Cost around 8 EUR + 1 working hour.

At home I don`t have any LED, Plasma or LCD TV. I watch only films of my or wifes choice:) Simple TV – it is time eater in case if you are not watching Discovery “How it`s made”. Take industrial stapler from your neighbor and staples more then 4mm hight.

Than take simply tablecloth with sewn edges for strength and plank 5×5 cm for top and 5×10 cm for bottom. Staple them together and use no more 20 cm between them.

All picture you can here. Projection screen I have tie using two screws. If you will look closer than you will se that I have mistake and 5×5 cm plank is at the bottom and it is making lumpy look.

Remember that it is not at FullHD screen with 3D effects. It is simply best way how to feel private cinema charm with your favorites for reachable value.

Being together in outside recalls those times when people in caves sits around the fireplace – lot of peace and safety feelings, nice.


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