How to avoid freezing pipes

Last winter was stress test for my renewed family house. Temperature hang -30 C around one/two weeks. During this time in second floor shower pipes had friezed 3 times. I know where is the problem – let`s fix it! Project costs 200EUR + 24 working hours.

To understand the issue I will clarify the case. As I mention shower is in the second flor.All pipe installations is in out off living (warm) area and under the roof.

There is something like 10 meter long and 1 meter height tunnel. Ohh, yes – also there is ventilation machine. What I had done?

1. I had made heat insulation for all roof (20 sqm) with 150 mm Paroc RockWoll and hide it benethe the OSB 8mm plates, in winter there was -25 C!

2. Separated pipe installation place with wall and additional heat insulation

3. In this small place I had made additional heat insulation for all pipe installation

4. I had installed automatic temperature and heating control with air flow from warm side of living area. Basically it mean that I can set up temperature, lets say 0 C and thermostat will start the fan if temperature will fall bellow 0 C and blow in to divided area warm air from living area. Thermostat cost 5EUR, fan 5EUR, decorative grille 2EUR.

Shown temperature is in this summer – hot!

Deal with problems before they come one more time – learn from experience and be proactive using more then on action to be sure about security!


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