Stairs to river “Mazā Jugla”

Living near river “Mazā jugla” I have quite steep slope crossing way from home to river. All this time my grand, grand parents try to deal with simply solutions – steps made from ground. My solution is something with bigger waranty in everyday usage. Costs? Around 70 EUR + 20 working hours.

First of all I watch around for long lasting materials, but reusme was that it is wery expensive, for example good material for footsteps is Larix sibirica, but average price for square meter is 20EUR! I decide to make fundamental infrastructure (concreting), but for footsteps I will use simply dipped wood in antiseptics (important to chose mareial with cut outs to avoid sliping in wet time – like this, “Profils RR”)

After seeking for material I have tried to mesure height and lenght of this slope. I can tell that with no equipment it was wery aproximatery and deviation was +/- 20%! After that I thought that I will make some 3D model using SolidWorks to make thing easy in construction proces, I get this far:

After that I cant wait when I will start doing some thing, because outside sun was shining and creating this 3D model was boring. I started with concreting and dig out 80 cm deep holes, put in lot of armature and tied with wire support for planks

Be care ful with level gauge, because it is wery important moment to be sure before concreting. Overall for 6 holes, depth from 60 to 80 cm I have used 80 kg of cement. Project is in the middle and dificulty shows up in this case that I tried to make stares not so steap and changed regular angle and little mess up with them!  Misscalculation is 6cm – please be carefull:) Right now project loks like this

Steps will look like this, I hope my grand father will help figure out how to tahe out my 6cm miscalculation

After montage my grandpa help me to understand in what angel I should cut out step holders. For easy and faster process we made cutout template. Mark with pencil all cutouts and start the job.

To be suro of long lasting material usage I painted all wooden parts with antiseptic and steel parts with anti corrosion spray.

After all cutouts I had nice  wooden blocks for fireplace – 56 pieces.

Thanks to grandfather stairs – DONE!

For the handrails we used 5x5x3000 cm planks, 3x3EUR. Also we have made stress test – 10 peoples in the same time went upstairs:)

In the pictures you can see 6 lights, I had bought them in eBay. In Latvia solar lights with 3 diodes cost 3 times then these with 4 diodes from eBay. I purchase 12 pieces and average cost including shipping was something around  5EUR!

If you dont have patience for projecting before doing – be sure, miscalculation is usual situation, but even best projects have improvisations in process!


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