Cheep Chilloutchair

In this picture you can see hanging chilloutchair, it was on of my girlfriends dreams. So – I have serch oportunities to get it from local shop and friendly sales man answered me that it costs 200 EUR! In further I will show what I have made using just 20 EUR + 4 working hours, maybe not so glamouros, but still functionality it keeps quite good.

In simple garden shop I have bought two cheepest hammocks – both 10 EUR. Asked my girlfriend to sew them togeather.

Bigest problem was to figure out how to deal with roup lenghts to get confort sitting inside it. After 1 hour testing result you can see here!

To make it durable even 100+ kg siting inside I have twist roup around the joint.

Ohh, yess.. my diligent gilfriend during this week will made big pillov to get soft seeting inside the chilloutchair and project will be completed.

If people can downgrade their expectations and get fun from handy jobs than expenses can reduce 10 times!


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